Sergei Golovko
Director of the Australian Percussion Academy

Artistic Director of the Australian Marimba Competition

Welcome to the Australian Percussion Academy!

The mission of APA is to provide the highest quality of education in the art of playing percussion and drums. We are developing percussionists with strong fundamental skills at the highest level of performance.

As part of its mission, APA organises workshops, master classes, conferences and other
professional development activities for Percussion teachers, music composers in order to help them foster a greater understanding of teaching techniques, newest methods in
percussion education, pedagogy and performance.

For many years of teaching percussion, I have been trying to create a musical culture of excellence in percussion-playing. I have always encouraged students to have high individual responsibility and discipline, have goals – the first step to achieving excellence.  However, having fun is also very important.


We have a saying “Hard work and good times go
hand in hand, but as it so happens hard work comes first”.